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The Daily Daisy was created in June of 2016 by Florida native and Malibu, CA resident Hannah Segnitz. She bought an old mail Jeep to turn into a flower truck and started selling flowers. Our goal is to design and deliver beautiful, unique and organically formed flower creations for your homes, businesses, and your special events. 

We look at floral design as an art form and each flower is a unique piece that is highlighted by the rest within the arrangement.  our designs are influenced by the nature around us and may even contain some locally foraged foliage from the Malibu area.

Sign up for our weekly, bimonthly or monthly bouquets and give back to the local and global community. 5% of each bouquet purchased goes to our monthly charity of choice. With each arrangement made for our top tier subscriptions we make a small arrangement that the subscriber can send to a choice of places.

Whether we are delivering your weekly flower subscription or designing the flowers for your special day, we put a lot of love and care into all of our creations and enjoy it every step of the way.

As one of our favorite people, Elizabeth Hoffman, has always said, "A room without flowers is a room without a soul" and that has certainly become the statement that The Daily Daisy lives by.